Done For You Link Audit

£39.00 inc. VAT

  • I’ll audit your backlinks to find up to 100 potentially damaging links to your site
  • I’ll then go through each one individually and mark any that need to be removed
  • This service does not include removing or disavowing the links
  • Agencies charge £1000s for this kind of service which is why this price is ONLY for blogs and bloggers
  • If you’d like more links audited, please contact me for a price

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One of the first things you should do before trying to boost your Domain Authority (DA) by bringing in more backlinks is check the ones you’ve got to start with with a link audit! Spammy backlinks can actually drag your DA down and cause all sorts of problems with your organic rankings. This link audit service is an essential for those who want to boost their blog up the rankings and improve their SEO. Agencies charge thousands (literally thousands) for this service – and I’m doing it for £39! Please note, however, that this service is ONLY for blogs and bloggers.


Using Ahrefs and Majestic, I’ll gather up all of your backlinks and then filter them to find any that could be damaging to your site. They’ll be filtered to look for spammy anchor text, country domains that aren’t where your site/audience is based (for example, Russia, China, etc), sites that have high spam scores or low domain rankings, and much more. I will take up to 100 of the worst live backlinks and go through them individually to mark which ones could potentially be hurting your site. Some people may only have 1 or 2, others may have 100! However, the clever filtering will ensure no one needs to go through millions of backlinks to find any that are DA-damagers (I’m coining that phrase). If it does seem like there are a lot of potentially damaging backlinks then I’ll discuss this with you as we may need to consider doing a wider search.


This service doesn’t include disavowing the links and this is something I recommend you try doing yourself to start with, by contacting the site owners and asking them to remove any potentially harmful links. However, I will be offering a service in the future for those who would prefer this done for them.



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