Yoast My Post – Advanced

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  • Finding your best posts that could be ranking higher on Google and undergoing keyword research to help optimise them
  • Optimising your posts to ensure they tick as many Yoast boxes as possible
  • Includes meta information, alt text in images, internal and external linking, tidying up content and ensuring optimal keyword density
  • I also use Moz Pro Page Optimisation to pick up on anything Yoast doesn’t include
  • Each ‘post’ is per 1,000 words. If your post is 1,001 words, it counts as two. 2,001 words, it counts as three, etc.
  • This is the perfect boost to ensure all of your content is optimised for search engines and for people!
  • I’ll pick up on any common mistakes you may be making, so you can ensure your content is always optimised
  • I do not need access to your site to be able to do this, I optimise in a document with marked changes, so you can paste the changes into your post


Buy 6 posts or more and get a FREE Full SEO Report. This will be automatically added to your basket and discounted at checkout.

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A more advanced Yoast My Post service, for those who want the whole shebang!


I call this service ‘Yoast My Post’ because it has a nice ring to it, but actually I dig far deeper than just checking some tickboxes on Yoast. Using my decade of experience in SEO content writing and the Moz Pro Page Optimisation Tool, as well as Yoast, I ensure each page is optimised for search engines and for people. That means no keyword stuffing (yuck)!


For each post, I’ll go through and check things like keyword density and how it reads and flows. I’ll rewrite tiny little pieces of the content only if I really need to, but this may just be switching a word or two around. I’m not checking for spelling or grammar, simply search engine optimisation! If I feel like your post needs a bit more work than what I feel happy doing, then I’ll let you know what I think needs changing. Once you’ve worked on the post (or asked me to work on the post) I’ll go back to Yoasting.


I’ll also ensure your meta titles and descriptions are optimised, you have good linking to other posts in your blog (internal linking) and any external linking to relevant sources if needed (I only link to authority sources, not other blogs or companies – if you’d rather I skipped external linking, that’s also fine). I also ensure your image alt text is optimised for screenreaders and the visually impaired, which is the real purpose of alt text… Not everyone knows that!


With the Advanced Service, I’ll go through and check the top content on your site and see what could be doing better in the search engine rankings. I’ll then keyword research each of these posts to ensure you have the right focus keyword and relevant other keyword throughout. If you already have your own keywords and know which posts you’d like Yoasted, then the basic service will be better suited to you.


6 or more Advanced Yoasted posts gets you a free SEO report which will come in super handy for future planning. If you’re looking for a lot of posts to be optimised then please get in touch for a personalised quote.


Please make sure you purchase one ‘Yoast My Post’ product PER 1,000 words. If your blog is over 1,000 words then it needs a quantity of two, over 2,000 words needs three and so on.


You do not need the Yoast plugin for this and it can be done on any blogging platform, as long as you are able to edit meta tags (meta title and description).


I do not need access to your site, I will optimise the post through my own Yoast and Moz Pro, then send you a document back with the marked changes which you can copy and paste into your post.

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